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A few words about the hostels (IPA Houses)

The IPA Houses are real property of the IPA which is available to its members as well as to their family members and is a great service and convenience for the large IPA family. In addition to the convenience that is primarily economic, it is   at the same time the practical proof of the spirit of Servo Per Amikeco.

The IPA Houses in our country are governed by the Operating Regulations, which were approved by the 10th Panhellenic Congress in Kastoria.

The guests must comply with the Rules of Operation, respect the space and protect it, apply the rules of conduct and the written recommendations during their stay.

Room reservations must be made on a first-come, first-served basis, while an electronic reservation application is being planned.

Accommodation in the Guest Houses is based on self-catering.
Entry to the IPA Houses is only allowed to IPA members and their families.

The guest, considering the Guest House as his home, will use everything inside, furniture or utensils with respect and diligence, so that the next colleague will find them in the same condition and position that he found them.

The Administrators of IRA House are well-intentioned colleagues, who gladly accepted and without absolutely any remuneration to serve their colleagues - friends and families, of course it is understood that they will not be their servants. Consequently, the guests should try to make as light as possible the heavy task, which they voluntarily accepted to undertake.
Accommodation in the hostel cannot be extended beyond 15 days.

Regulation of Operation of Hostels of the Hellenic Department of the IPA

Our hostels around the world

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