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IBZ Gimborn

Information & Education Centre

Schloss Gimborn Information and Training Conference Center (IBZ) is an international training and meeting place, especially for police officers, mainly members of the IPA. It is located in an idyllic wooded mountain setting, about 30 miles east of Cologne, in the center of West Germany.


It was founded in 1969 by police officers who restored the old building and adapted the rooms according to the needs of a modern conference center. Its main function lies in the planning, support and implementation of seminars, conferences and celebrations of all kinds. To achieve its purpose Gimborn Castle employs a small team of permanent members of administrative and teaching staff, who coordinate a program of seminars, with professional speakers on a wide range of topics, mainly of police interest.

Each year around 2500 participants, mainly police officers, benefit from the facilities and seminars offered by Gimborn. Most are organized for the IPA, in close cooperation with the international and national bodies of the Union, and last about a week.

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IBZ Gimborn

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