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IPA House Chania

It is the newest hostel of the Greek Department of IPA.

The building was the old Police Station of Sternes in Akrotiri, it came into the possession of the  Ellinikonou  National Department, it was reconstructed, furnished and from 10/8/2019, it started operating as a Guest House Chania.

It has 3 rooms, one with a double bed and two with two single beds and a double bunk each. All rooms include wardrobes, air conditioning, TV and bathroom. An additional shared toilet is also available.

In the hostel there is a shared kitchen which has an electric fridge, a dining table and a sofa with a coffee table.

Finally, all items are provided such as e.g. blankets, sheets, pillows, towels, etc.
Around the perimeter of the building there is a courtyard area, as well as a shelter for accommodating two cars. Also, on the right side of the building, there is open parking for six vehicles. There is a barbecue at the back of the building. 

Where are we

Cisterns of Chania



Mobile: 6947569480

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